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Summer's here.                      but so is Covid 19.      Luxembourg's lockdown has been easing for some time, folk are trying to get back to normal, but like a lot of folk I'm a little nervous to get back out there. 
                       With good reason, I'm goads me to say so, but there it is.   Addison's Disease means I'm better off out the way, so 'going out' means 'getting away' ...   ...........which is good, right?      You betcha! It's where my stories begin. I have the great fortune to live a 10 minute walk from a nature reserve, just a short saunter from the Mosel river.          Binocs at the ready, smart phone at hand a couple of hours walk can, (and often does) provide an abundance of inspriation.
Biodiversum Remerschen, Luxembourg

The river Mosel, a natural border between Luxembourg and Germany, a beautiful place. Great swathes of vineyards on either side, pre-virus, a very popular tourist area. Cycle track &a…

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