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Minding my Own Business

          Art.  That's my Business            Well, that's the idea anyway..but how on earth do you make it work?                           To be honest, selling Art is tough and there isn't an easy way. Printing is my passion and creating multiple images is what I love to do. Having said that I want to sell my work, right? So, right off the bat,  I am so grateful to the folk who follow me on social media, come along to Exhibitions and markets to support me. So how where does start ? Outside!                                A new print begins with the inspiration nature gifts me.        Just out and about, being curious or in the local park, or in the countryside with my binoculars. Birds are a love of mine, but I also get ideas everyday things in the garden, plants, teracotta pots, anything really! During Lockdown, I was bombarded with gardening tips and advice, on the radio, tv and social media. So I thought I'd try my hand at it. The result was not so much for the din

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