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Moving Forward to Summer time

Onwards with Addisons
Summertime has officially arrived bringing with it a heatwave in Europe.
                   So it's time to enjoy the extra vitamin D...but with caution of course!
      A few days by the sea perhaps? You may know that Luxembourg is landlocked...but a jaunty 4 hour drive and you arrive at the coast of Picardie.
The sea breeze an excellent refresher...Plenty of sunscreen, and we’re off! ( not forgetting to drink plenty of water along the way)
Le TrĂ©port, a lovely “I do like to be beside the seaside” kinda place                Living with Addisons Disease means a little serious  planning too...not my norm I must say, but  these days my meds go where I go, and my smartphone reminds me when I must take them! Newly diagnosed, I’m still not used to the idea, it’s kinda like having a melody that just escapes’s out just can’t quite get the gist of it. Whatever, I won't let it stop me from having a good time.

The coast line of the Baie de Somme …

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