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Spring Greens🌱🌱🌱

                               Plants&Prints Not much of a gardener, but I’m optimistic. I’ve sewn tray loads of seed this year, and  am looking forward to enjoying Lupins and Sweet-peas  I’ve sown Sunflowers too, hoping to entice birds into the space behind my home.                    It is immensely satisfying to see these little guys pushing through the soil. 🌱       But. My real passion of course, is Printmaking... .         I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic, having had my second jab recently.             Spring  is definitely here, and like everyone else, I’m keen to get out and about most days if I can, and my local park is sublime  at this time of year. The colours are so vibrant. I love it!  A little odd as nearly all of my work is monochrome.               Having said that, my print editions are often “variable “and  I often add a swipe of colour, I suppose it might be considered my signature style - along with a trace of Goldleaf.                 The local Park has on

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