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Winter’s on the way...

                           Carving out the months ahead..           October's drawing to an end and pumpkins are very popular. I won't be will be carving mine though... I much prefer to slice, roast and then make a nice tasty soup.              No, my carving tools are destined to be used on birds..not real birds of course. I’m talking linoprints. Even during the winter months, weather permitting, you'll find me walking around my local patch, seeking inspiration.                        Not a new thing for me, but what is different now is that I always take my binoculars along when out and about.                    A wannabe Birder, I'm definitely not a twitcher, nor a list maker, but the joy of connecting with nature is what I'm after. We all need a little bit of " Happy" now right?..this is how I get mine. crunching through the it! a A little Wren lovely little wooden bridge over a stream      There are so many birds hiding in the undergrow

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