April Fool?

No Joke 

         Halfway through April and we’re loving Spring..but from the inside looking out..
 No Spring Break, no get-togethers, bbq’s, or picnics. Folk spending Easter alone, it’s not what we are used to at all.
         We are all staying at home, looking forward to the future but most importantly trying to save the stress on our health care systems, and all the other valuable folk going about their essential work whilst shielding the vulnerable. 
           Diagnosed and living with Addisons  Disease, I’m deemed to be one of those, so I’ve  been in self-isolation for a while now..ending my  5th week now..but who’s counting?
Definitely not a fitness freak, jogging's not my thing, but getting out for my daily dose of exercise is, and it’s something I really look forward to.
      I'm am so very fortunate to live within walking distance to a natural Biodiversity area, so I get a chance to have a hefty dose of nature at the same time. It’s something I’ve been doing for a while now...my surroundings being my principle source of inspiration ...so much more appreciated now.

  Escaping into creativity is my saving grace. 
    It takes me into a different space, one where time is lost on whatever I'm working on..hours and hours pass without my noticing it...
Lino, it's my thing..it's where I'm happiest..and this is how it starts...
........... with an Idea, which leads to a Sketch, a carving, and with a little luck and things go well...a Print!
              Learning to pace myself, slow down,        keep positive and appreciate the little things, and it’s something we can all try to do.

         Time passes however slowly..In the meantime, I’d like to personally thank Health workers and everyone who’s “ Out There” fighting this thing and keeping the rest of us going with deliveries, waste collection and everything else which so very much appreciated.

            Keep safe, #stayhome, stay positive.
..and if at all possible ..
                                  Keep Printing!                               

the sketch

the carve
the proof


the print

linoprint on linen





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