Spring Greens🌱🌱🌱


Not much of a gardener, but I’m optimistic. I’ve sewn tray loads of seed this year, and  am looking forward to enjoying Lupins and Sweet-peas 
I’ve sown Sunflowers too, hoping to entice birds into the space behind my home.
                   It is immensely satisfying to see these little guys pushing through the soil. 🌱

But. My real passion of course, is Printmaking... .

    I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic, having had my second jab recently.
           Spring is definitely here, and like everyone else, I’m keen to get out and about most days if I can, and my local park is sublime at this time of year. The colours are so vibrant. I love it!  A little odd as nearly all of my work is monochrome. 
             Having said that, my print editions are often “variable “and  I often add a swipe of colour, I suppose it might be considered my signature style - along with a trace of Goldleaf.

                The local Park has on it’s Spring Attire. Such a lot of work goes into this timeless style of gardening..the unsung  heroes keep well out of sight..or maybe they are out and about so much earlier than most of us.

I must admit that “Addisons Disease” has slowed me down somewhat....no matter, I do have my moments..

            I’m sure that there are those who smile when they see me making my way around this beautiful park, music flooding my earphones, with a shimmy in my step as I listen.
 “Tiptoe through the Tulips”? Most definitely!

Another favourite haunt is the local lake area.

  I’m so lucky that a short walk from home finds me at a small local nature reserve, once a very different place. It was used used as a dumping ground for unwanted chemicals and pesticides, it has been reclaimed and  nurtured and is now teeming with wildlife.

It’s here that I’ve been watching the arrival of our Swallows, which of course inspired  me to get cracking on a new print. 
Back from a long walk I decide to tackle it.
       So, time to make myself morning coffee to fuel up. Unfortunately no chance of a Custard Cream to go with it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the choice of patisserie here, but, I do like a humble Custard Cream. Anyway, time to begin.
        For me the drawing always  comes first.
    Unusually for me, I decided to draw up my design straight onto the lino block. As the process demands the image will be reversed..so the result will be a complete surprise.
I take my time and drawing done move onto the next stage.

First up...Sharpen my tools! 

I found out the hard way that unsharpened tools are not fun to use, 
and quite honestly can be just downright dangerous!
This little kit is easy to use and available online. There are 
loads of tutuorials on You tube explaining how to use it too!

Then on to the actual carving..

I'm going to try and capture the movement
and energy these little birds show as they dip 
and dive skimming the lakes to drink, taking a 
sip of my coffee as I do so:)
The carving of the block will take several days at least.

New LInocut drawn up

          Carving done, the next thing is the inking up...the best part! Seeing the carving emerge from the block is such a great feeling.Usually before printing an edition, I have to make a few adjustments, reducing some of the “chatter”. Although I like to leave some of these marks, for me these are the charm of Linocut.

Finally time to print.

And here’s the finished print.
I’ve decided to print a variable edition of 25.  So I will be adding my signature swipe of colour to some of them and perhaps little Goldleaf too before signing and numbering them.

I hope you like my “Swallows “ print, it is available on my Etsy shop.
If you follow me, a huge “Thank You”🙏
and if you don’t...
Please do come over to my Instagram page or Facebook page to say 🙋‍♀️ 
In the meantime,

Stay safe😷

Happy Printing!



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