A new decade


                           January 2020

       A new start a new Decade.
   This time last year I was in a very different place!
                                            The beginning of January began with a scary couple of weeks in and out of hospital with a spell in intensive care. I was well looked after in the hospital and with family and friends watching over me, and a dedicated Consultant finally nailing the diagnosis .....#Addisionsdisease, I was released.
So,on the other side of this episode I find myself on medication for life for this chronic disease, but determined to make the most of it.
      Things have changed.
Except for my love of linocut that is! my passion for this medium hasn't budged..
and my favourite subject matter?

Totally drawn to them, I'm entralled watching them..garden birds flitting in and out of a feeder, geese flying overhead..or a glimpsing a heron intent on his morning fishing expedition. 
            Hands up though, I'm a complete novic when it come to identifying them, but love mooching about trying to spot them! I'm so lucky to live close to this wonderful nature park..so much inspiration, even in winter.

           Hard to see in this picture, the lake is bustling with Coots, see their traces as they swim to an fro? their call is unmistakeable, even for me:) 
               There's a CrestedGreb there too, though he's hard to keep track of. When he dives down for food, he surfaces far from his starting point, you really have to keep your eyes peeled!

          These guys are Tufted Ducks, lovely chubby little guys with piercing yellow eyes!
Not quite in a line, but getting there, a bit like me at this time of year!

          This is my favourite place.This quarry, long finished it's funtion and is now a nature reserve with a Biodiversity Center, definitely wellworth a visit. Incidentally the Crested Greb is the emblem of this place..and quite rightly so!

      Acrually, my first Event for 2020 will be in this awesome structure. 

               A kids print workshop, creating book marks for the ‘#Biodiversum” Bookweek, featuring children’s books with a nature theme. Here are my demos..I'm thinking Tassels ...

                                  Plenty of new work  for my linen in the pipeline too!
           I've just finished carving a new design for the littlefoxlinen range. This is a venture into fabric printing which I’m getting to grips with. Learning by doing, working alongside a great friend who just happens to be an awesome seamstress. We use natural linen, and are creating unique things to beautify you and your home!

                     Check it out here:

www.instagram.com/littlefoxlinen   First print for 2020. I really struggle at this time of year, as do so many folk so a few jaunty flowers might help to chase out the grey days of January.
This design certainly made me smile when I was carving.
            What do you think?


                                             Don’t miss out, look here too :                 



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