Time Flies...



                My goodness already?  This year has flown by, don’t you think?

 For me, a chunk of it was taken up coming to terms with my diagnosis at the very beginning of it.
    Finding out I have Addison's Disease, was a blow, I staggered for a bit, but with support of loved ones, I rallied, moved on, and am not looking back!
       We're now well into the year, coming up to the end of it really, and we’ll soon be seeing the "Y" word everywhere.
                      ( Yuletide to you🎄🎄🎄)
         But Hey.....wait a mo..    
                 Let’s enjoy the ‘A ‘ word first!
           Take a while to really look around.
    Autumn really is a sensational  season, something to be savoured.🍂🍁🍁
          It feels like something new is beginning, don’t you think?
          Shapes not seen before appear in the hedgerow, seedheads standing out amongst the colourful leaves, often in the most spectacular hues, these look just like they’ve been paint spattered, don't you think?

       Underneath odd little mushrooms and fairy toadstools have appeared ( but which is which? ...hmm I have no idea...but I'm certainly not tempted to rush home and make mushrooms on toast with these guys!)

    Anyway, curiosity aroused, and wrapped up warm ( oh how I love to snuggle into cosy, comfy clothes) I wander.Out and about my local area and discover inspiration for my linocuts.
This one is my latest.
lincut- Sleeping Fox, limited edition.

       Talking of linocuts (and I nearly always do!!) I have used this years Fashion Autumn palette of rich reds, sludgy blues & greens, grey and pristine white, for inspiration whilst mixing the inks for  www.instagram.com/littlefoxlinen 
New Autumn/ Winter Collection of Original linocuts on Organic linen. A joint venture with a very good friend, Rowena.
     A little everyday luxury for everyone, everyday!   

              With plenty happening, I’m looking forward to several Events the next few months.
Check out “Stockist & Events “ page for more info.
..here’s a sneak peak 

 your house is your castle, right?

Hang on a minute...what about Addison?

Well, he’s coming too!

This disease is part of me now, and we 

run long together linked like kids in a 

 three-legged race..a tad wobbly, but defintely moving forward!

        getting the hang of it.. 

taking my meds on time, Every day, then, forget about it and..






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