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                     Events & Stockists.


A joint adventure with Rowena Patterson who comes up with, then sews our products. 

I then handprint each item using the linocut technique

Find a selection of Littlefoxlinen products and Lino Prints here:

The Luxembourg House, Luxembourg City
L’Atelier Verraille, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg 
The Remich Shop, Remich.
The Pontoon, Schengen.
The Useldange Tourist office.
Maison de La Culture, Diekirch

  Events 2021

 Exhibition The Luxexpo THe BOX September 9th, 10th

Exhibition Bech - Maacher  8th October - 15th October.
 Exhibition "La Palette" Culture Centre, Diekirch. 
(Cards and linens available at the 'Museum Pop-Up' in the Highstreet.)
Exhibition Biodiversum, Remerschen. November 19th - December 17th
Remich Tourist Office Christmas Market & Pop-Up from the 4th December.

Events 2020

Book -Week. Biodiversum. 
kids print workshop. 21.02.2020

Moselle Flavour   08.03. 2020
Sirens Call Neumunster Abbey, Luxembourg Ville.
Burglinster Creators Market, Bourglinster 13th & 14th June, 2020
Weiler-la-Tour Creators Market 28. 06.2020 
Konscht am Gronn catch me there first Sunday of the month from June till October. 
Birdwatch day October 10th October 
Berdorf Creators market 7th&8th October

                           EVENTS 2019
Remich Christmas Market, Remich Tourist Office,
14th&15th December
Art-I -Chaud , Exposition Schengen, Luxembourg November 29th&30th.
Berdorf Creators Market, Luxembourg 
   8th&9th November
Ville de Luxembourg, Konvictsgaard Open Day, 18th&19th October
Germany,Piedmont Winery, Saartal 1 Konz -Filzen, 26th October

Exposition 'Maison de la Culture' Diekirch, 
Luxembourg, 11th October
Birdwatch Day 6th October 
Machtum Wine Festival. Exposition, August 17/18
Art am Grund:
The first Sunday of the month July; September; October
Sirens Call Creators Market. 29th June.
Abbey Neumunster, Luxembourg

Bourglinster Creators Market.15/16 June


 Outside Expos 2018

September 2nd, October 7th

Konscht am Gronn. From 10 am til 6pm. All across the bridge, ambling back towards Scotts Pub. A dedicated group of artists ready to show, sell and chat about their art.
There's music and food ..a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday, chat with the makers, grab youself a piece of original art.
I will be there with my prints of course...might even take along some long forgotten watercolours.

October 6th

Birdwatch day.
The Biodversum at Remerschen. 
Family day in and around this beautiful venue. The focus is on birds, with ringing taking place at the same time as expositions and informal chats.
I will be there with my prints and a selection of hand printed linens.
Posibble workshop too, depending on interest.

Earlier in 2018


Naturata, Organic Produce and Restaurant. Munsbach, Luxembourg.
I'm proud to have the opportunity to show a selection of pen & inks and Linoprints in the spacious restaurant here. A great place to try out the great selection of organic food, and check out my artwork at the same time!


Blumentreff Burmerange

Art am Gronn


Art am Gronn


A new concept store, opening soon. I will be participating in an event being held over the Luxembourg Mother's Day weekend with Niche Market.


Art am Gronn, Luxembourg.
Lots of new Linoprints. I will be there on the first Sunday in July along with many other Artists. A weel known, well loved event in Luxembourg Old Town area.





March 29th."Niche" craft Market.

March 29th at Cathy Goederts Patisserie, in the Upper salon from 10am to 5pm. 
Do come along, browse amongst the craft stalls and take the opportunity to sample one of Cathy's pastries.

March 25th. Biannual Exposition, Cattenom France.

I am honoured to have been selected to be part of this Exposition along with a number of artists. I will be showing two Pen&Ink works.It will be held in the Town Hall of this little French Village. April 22-23rd ART linster. A biannual Art and Craft Market.
A Biannual Event, held throughout the 'Linster' region of Luxembourg.An Arts and Craft market, which has become a well known event and attracts a huge number of visitors, A huge diversity of craftsmen and women spread out through several locations..all linked up with a free mini-bus. It really is great here to find out more:

May 22nd KUKI , Kehlen, Luxembourg.

Find me in the Art by the Church Gallery all day.

June 2nd-June 20th, Solo Expo, "Inks"

Vernissage 2nd June at 6.00pm, please do come along if you're in the neighbourhood, be super to see you!

June, August and October.Art am Gronn.

This is a very well established event in Luxembourg, with plenty to see.
I will be in my usual spot in amongst a great bunch of artist folk this Summer...easy to find, my wobbly Parasol leaning proudly for all to see!
find me there in June, August and October, Plenty to see, things to munch, and of course...Champers!


November 24th

Super excited to be invited to an Evening Showing of my new Linoprints. Hosted by "Espace Intérior", a most beautiful little shop tucked away in Remich. This very special eveningwill start around 6.00pm with loads of time to take a look at my new prints, and the wonderful home decor ..time to treat yourself in this tiny treasure of a shop.
 I am so looking forward to it!

December 8th

So excited to be taking part in a "duo -expo" with photographer Paul Hilbert.
It's going to be so much fun!
The vernissage will be held on the 8th of December. With the Gallery being open on two weekends (9-10  Dec, 16-17 Dec)...on the run-up to Christmas, a "must visit" for special gifts!


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