Summer Combo

                The story so far..

        So, June & July with it's soaring temperatures.. turned out to be a little lazy with  a fair bit of it's passing like this.....

'The Boss', not at all concerned ..

not all of it though..

I did get some printing done, and got out and about with my work, to my favourite open air Art Gallery/Market at #Art am Grund, #Luxembourg, as well as taking part in a fab family event in France in the grounds of the Chateau de Preisch.
          I love this part of Linoprinting, talking with folk, explaining the Linocut process, inspiring others, and it's such a wonderful feeling when someone loves what I do and wants to own a piece for themselves!  
No, you're not seeing double, but sometimes I wish I could work in double quick time!!
Folding, printing, first backgrounds, then my favourite image,
birds, of course.....and not just any bird...................


 A new direction that I've been toying with for some time is Fabric Printing! 
On Instagram, #meajane.b and I've been following and admiring many Instagramers for some time. So I decided to have a go, and I'm really loving it!
 What a challenge, a definite learning curve and it's turning out to be quite a journey!
I decided to print these little coasters, and then make & print little drawstrings to put them in..
   These little bags are my first real results!   

Oh yes, there were goodness what a challenge for a complete sewing novice...

I decided to ask the help of a great friend of mine, Rowena. 

I am completely unable to stitch these beautiful bags..... I just don't have the skill...
 but, saved!....
 My friend, Rowena is a very accomplished seamstress and she agreed to make superb teatowels and very cool
tie-slouch bags with a panache I could only dream of! 
I then got down to printing them with my lino blocks.
I must say I was nervious to print on these beautiful linens, my heart was pounding, but they came out great!
So it's official, we will be getting together to  produce a range of natural linen articles..
what do you think?



The adventure continues, with a range of cool bags, teatowels and storage accessories in progress..
Please do contact me
 if you're interested in any of these new things,

Loads of new stuff for Autumn too, 
So follow me on:
or at
meajane.b Instagram


  1. Hi Mea! I love your bird prints. I am a novice linoleum printmaker. I really love to carve florals. I am also on Instagram. I wouldld value your thoughts on my prints. Check out my work at lmarieprintmaking. ☺️

    1. thank you for your positive vibe...we are all novice at some stage...the fun is in the learning! keep going, be passionate, and most of all enjoy it! Good luck:)


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