Moving Forward to Summer time

             Onwards with Addisons

Summertime has officially arrived bringing with it a heatwave in Europe.
                   So it's time to enjoy the extra vitamin D...but with caution of course!
      A few days by the sea perhaps? You may know that Luxembourg is landlocked...but a jaunty 4 hour drive and you arrive at the coast of Picardie.
The sea breeze an excellent refresher...Plenty of sunscreen, and we’re off! ( not forgetting to drink plenty of water along the way)
Le Tréport, a lovely “I do like to be beside the seaside” kinda place
               Living with Addisons Disease means a little serious  planning too...not my norm I must say, but  these days my meds go where I go, and my smartphone reminds me when I must take them! Newly diagnosed, I’m still not used to the idea, it’s kinda like having a melody that just escapes’s out just can’t quite get the gist of it. Whatever, I won't let it stop me from having a good time.

The coast line of the Baie de Somme
is particularly stunning...also a great place for inspiration..a bird lovers paradise too. I need to come back here..often!


Poppies. Always inspiring.

Back home in Luxembourg, it’s a busy time if, like me, you’re on the Creators Market Trail.
 I take part in several events during the summer. I really love doing them. 
The contact with folk who are interested in linocut and the exchange of stories between artists is always fun.

Not long ago I began a venture with a very good friend of mine, Her name is Rowena Paterson
She's an excellent seamstress, and makes the most beautiful items with flair.

Together we are called #littlefoxlinen, and between us we produce quality linen items which are  hand printed using the linocut technique.  If you look closely you can see the obvious 'chatter' on the linen items is the same as on my work on paper.

A  few of
my linocuts. The #LuxemBIRD always a firm favorite! (she's the cheeky one in the background, a new print, the first edition is completely sold out)

not the best shot...but hey, we were both very busy dealing with the 
#littlefoxlinen range, I nearly forgot to get any shots at all :)
Storage bags proved to be very popular!
I'm always surprised at what folks use them lovely lady confided that as an avid traveller,
she would store her precious undies in them, in her suitcase whilst going to far flung places...and why ever not?

We originally thought of these as Bread bags ...let foxy keep your bread fresh! (seems some folk have other ideas!)
       All of the items shown here have sold out, but we are busy making more, so pop over to the Events page, and check out where you can find  #littlefoxlinen in Luxembourg. 
             We are also setting up an Etsy might take a's a work in progress....
Happy Summer, keep cool


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