February 2019

            In the Pink


                   Nothing to see here,
                                    No Linocuts to Show,
                                                                    no exciting Venues to Share.
                The Winter months are hard for most of us, the dull grey days, often wet,💦 and cold, energy suckers at the best of times...add illness into the mix, and well, it's tough.
                            In the New Year, Out of the Blue, I became unwell, and found myself in Hospital.

                Frightened and overwhelmed, I felt vunerable, not the 'take it in your stride kinda woman'       that I've always been.
 Whisked off, and admitted into Emergency Care, The 'Pros' took over, taking charge, efficiently, gently and with great sensitivity..My care at the #CHL  Luxembourg, was exeptional, and of the highest calibre. All of the staff from Intensive Care, and later the ward nursing staff, were kind and efficient, my Consultant, caring and informative.
 My GP professional and kind.

       My beautiful, talented Daughter put her life on hold, dealing with the prescriptions, appointments and all the rest of the administration that hospitalisation involves........My Rock!

           A paricular Friend was by my side every step of the way, her support unwavering  so, so precious .

        Close Friends I've known for years, Closed Ranks, and stood close, my very Own Army, there for me, visiting in Hospital and at home, texting and calling.

Folk I hardly know sending emails, Facebookers messages with offers of help.

                          Thank you, All of you.🌷                      

                   .......Two scary weeks later, I'm at home and coming to terms with the fact that my life will be different from now on.

                          So taking this one step at a time, not that's easy for me.

                        I'm much more used to galloping through life

 like the Tasmanian Devil!!

                        Needless to say My Creativity just tuned out, submerged by anxiety and stress.
                               So I decided to do something different.


 Yup, digging out THE shoebox, ( come on, they are like 'those'  kitchen drawers ..we've all got onE....right?).. crammed with stuff from way back..love letters, birthday cards, school reports, all sorts.. I've been going through it.
                                          All of it....saving/ditching, glueing sticking.



                                                     Now Here's The Thing..

    I've Let Go of stuff I've been holding onto for donkey's years. It wasn't easy, but it feels Good! My Glass is half Full, and I'm not wasting a Drop!

                  I deserve better than that, and it's Up to Me, it    always was, I just did'nt know it.

The bits and bobs that bring out my inner smiley😊..letting go of the rest....


                                      Living the moment, a tad wobbly but positive....




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