It's that time of year..

Yup, Christmas is in sight, and like many makers, it's  beginning to get a bit frantic.
        More for me than most creatives, 'cause, well,  I'm a procrastinator! 
                                 There. I've said it.
     Months I've been Strolling about in Luxembourg, admiring the vineyards, sitting on the banks of a local lakes, poking about in tiny back cobbled backstreets "En Ville" you could say, I do say, that I have been gathering inspriration.
 So sketch books full, Iphone capacity maxxed, time to get on..and I've been faffing.
..........................but all that's over now, and I'm in "Print-Frenzy Mode".. 
new work for The Winter Season

 Especially so, because I've started a NEW Chapter...Fabric Printing!


So exciting, I never tire of ‘the reveal’, whether it be on paper or fabric!

This little guy’s happy wherever I place him’
Actually if you look closely,
You might notice that it’s not the same print at all!

Something I did quite deliberately. It adds to the variety of my work, gives it more texture, so to speak.

My last post this side of Christmas, I’ve chosen this ‘snapshot ‘
taken at the final market event for this year. I really enjoy taking part in these gigs.
It’s a great way to meet folk, talk Print, and exchange ideas, and even gather inspiration!
So with that, I wish you Seasons Greetings, and Happy Printing!
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