The mornings are misty,

                                                  the shadows are longer, 

                                       the sunlight is pure gold,

            Gold. A word that's on my mind a lot at the moment. Am I buying bullion? Have I found a hidden hoard ? No, 'fraid not...

                         ..........but what I have found is that my little LuxemBIRD is gathering momentum!
               I'm connecting with this tiny bird, finding myself wanting to know more.
This tiny little bird is the smallest in Britain. She's also the most important bird in Luxembourg.
                                                                A V.I.B as it were!
              Folk in Luxembourg are curious about this little bird too.
                                Many are astonished to hear that she's the National Bird.
                 At a local Artfair, last month, folk often stopped in front of my stall, googling furiously before approaching to ask about my linocut.
              Yup, time for my little Goldcrest Linoprint to take centre stage...

                Becoming a  firm favourite, with many of my followers.
            I pulled an edition of 19 and I wish I'd printed a larger edition!
..................... but hey, that's the gamble. I certainly won't be printing a second edtion print from this. After all, the charm is in the number for many..and real life isn't 'Netflix' with new episodes being added as the previous one runs dry.

I do have a plan 'B' though...
Here it is. Hand printed, I create these cards in small batches. This way I hope to keep the freshness in each card.

                                          Here's THE  IDEA...

         Each card is unique. The  density of the colours change, the intensity of the bird too, depending on the pressure I use. The bird is not placed in exactly the same place either.
 I like that.
It's the effect I'm after.
A  freedom...
'free as a bird', as it were!

tiny Goldcrest, frame

New Work is in progress too!
I am creating a new collection of
work in collaboration with a 
very talented seamstress 
called Rowena.
Together we've made a number of 
storage & stash bags. My favourite are the small
zipped purses, perfect to  
keep coins in..or maybe your lippy and credit card:)

                     I'm so proud that the #Luxembourg House are supporting this new venture. They already have a selection in their shop!

Hang on, Christmas is just around the corner..better get on and finish my Christmas linen range.I have'nt finished my new edition of Christmas cards either..better get on..
till next time..
Happy Printing!

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